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Le Tréport

The authentic port city

Lively fishing port, Le Tréport has become one of the most endearing resorts on the Normandy Coast.

The Bains de Mer and the Journées à la Mer have always attracted many vacationers. The natural animation created by the movements of fishing, commercial or pleasure boats, completes the many festivities that take place throughout the year. The casino on the beach, the Cordiers district, the funicular ride through the brick vaults, and the exceptional panorama from the top of the cliffs will not leave you indifferent.

Le Tréport, a life punctuated by the sea

Last town on the Seine-Maritime coast, Le Tréport immerses you in an atmosphere of total discovery. Between heritage and majestic nature due to its chalk cliffs, the small maritime town has so much for you to discover!

Stroll along the docks and watch the comings and goings of fishing boats heading out to sea before returning to the holds full of fish. On your way, take the time to watch the boats pass through the lock at high tide. Continue to the municipal fishmonger, there, depending on the season, the stalls offer fish from local fishing. Further on, the lighthouse invites you to gaze at the horizon stretching out in front of you.

The beach and its activities

Lively throughout the year, the beach and its cabins with colorful roofs (available from May to October) are the perfect opportunity to laze around during your stay. Nearby: the casino and its cinema to ensure a festive evening, the games area and the 1900 Carrousel will satisfy the youngest, and finally the nearby restaurants will satisfy all gourmets !

Le Tréport and its unusual heritage


The Cordiers Quarter

To discover the other side of the city, you will have to go to the Cordiers Quarter, the most typical district of Tréport. Built on part of the pebble beach at the end of the 17th century, fishermen have made it their home. So, why “Cordiers”? The name of the district was not chosen at random, they were rope fishermen, too poor to fish with a net, they practiced fishing using long ropes lined with hooks with sea worms. Today ‘hui, browse the streets of this district, between souvenir shops and restaurants, you will find the old fishermen’s houses with their ceramic plaques.

The Tréport funicular

Behind this district, dug through the chalk cliff, you will find the Tréport funicular. Unmissable activity in Tréport, the first funicular dates back to 1908. Initially built to allow the inhabitants of the “Tréport-Terrasse” to reach the city center. He brought with him the construction, on the heights of the cliffs, of the Hotel du Trianon, which attracted a wealthy and bourgeois population and who used the funicular to get to the sea and access the seaside activities.

Today, the funicular is still in service, allowing both locals and visitors to go up and down across the cliff. Composed of four cabins, it serves two stations, one is Gare Basse, the other is Gare Haute. It is free and open every day.

In two minutes, you will find yourself on a breathtaking viewpoint, on the highest chalk cliffs in Europe, 110 meters at the highest point. You will be able to admire the Cordiers district from the top, on your right, you will be able to observe Mers-les-Bains its neighboring town, further to the right a stone’s throw from the coast, the town of Eu. These three cities form the Three Sister Cities with a history that ties them together. Continue on your left, by the path which runs along the cliff, a little further on another point of view awaits you.

Glass know-how

In the upper station and lower station of the funicular, do not miss the glass artists who will make you discover their crafts and the products they make. In the Basse station, find Frédéric Marey, glass spinner, who makes small jewels in his Galerie Verre Mer. In Haute Gare, go through the door of the workshop of Vincent Cocuel, who is a glass blower and who makes many objects of glass decoration in his Atelier du Verre. The workshops are free and you can watch glass artists craft their works of art.

Kahl Burg

Another must-see in Le Tréport and a vestige of the Second World War that hit Le Tréport: the Kahl Burg. Ancient galleries dug into the cliff under German order, they were part of the fortifications of the Atlantic Wall. Today, it is an association of volunteers that brings the history of the place to life and retraces. During a 1.5-hour visit, immerse yourself in the heart of the cliff and let yourself be carried away by the history of the place.

The Vieux Tréport district

If there is a district that bears the soul of Le Tréport, it is that of the Vieux Tréport. Next to the stairs of the cliff and the Cordiers district, this district is the oldest in the marine city. As you walk through the streets, look up to the buildings dating back centuries for some, do not miss the passage through the old town hall and prison of the city, which became the Museum of Le Treport. Continue your journey to the Saint-Jacques Church, which overlooks the city and its harbour. An imposing building, the church was built in the fourteenth century and rebuilt in large part during the Renaissance. With its typical chequered facade (Caen stone and flint), its Gothic tower, its Renaissance portal with finely decorated tympanum, its superb keys of hanging vaults (height of the largest: 3.80m), the church Saint-Jacques is a must-see monument to visit at Le Tréport.

A natural setting

Hike on the GR® 21

Le Tréport is the starting point of this hiking trail which was voted “favorite GR of the French” in 2020. This long hike covers nearly 190 km from Tréport to Le Havre, passing through emblematic towns of Seine-Maritime such as than Dieppe, Veules-les-Roses or Etretat. A breathtaking hike along its entire length. To take part of this hike and walk the path between Le Tréport and Criel-sur-Mer, download our hiking map on which the GR® 21 is indicated in red.

🛈 The Alabaster Coast offers panoramic views, but these spectacular high cliffs present dangers. Stay away from the edge and obey the local regulations in force on pedestrian traffic on the edge of cliffs.

The Marais Sainte-Croix, the green lung of Tréport

Going up the Bresle, which empties into the port of Tréport, you can continue your visit to the Marais Sainte-Croix. This wetland is maintained in such a way as to preserve its biodiversity. Three walking route are available: 550m, 800m and 1100m. During your walk, you can take a seat in observation points and thus observe the flora and fauna that rest in the heart of the park. By continuing your route, whether you are on foot, by bike or in a stroller, you can reach the Chemin Entre Verre et Mer, which will lead you to the Bresle Valley on an 18 km walk, passing through Eu.

Cast off !

Who says coastline, also says nautical activities! Labeled “France Station Nautique” in 2020, the Destination Le Tréport-Mers brought together all the service providers offering nautical activities in the region and brought them all together to promote activities accessible to all! At Le Tréport, you will find in particular the Eden and Etoile Filante sightseeing boats which will allow you to take a guided tour of the coast during a sea trip. And for the more adventurous, you can also go to sea aboard a 9m sailboat, accompanied by an instructor from the Sensation Large sailing school, who will explain all the maneuvers to you. For the youngest, courses are organized throughout the year to learn the basics of water.

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