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The destination

Destination Le Tréport-Mers, a multi-faceted blend of tradition and modernity. Tranquil yet energising, it bathes in a lovely harmonious feel that we want you to experience. Water, fire, metal, wood, earth and nature… welcome to the resort that balances Yin & Yang. ☯️


Welcome to the Destination Le Tréport - Mers!

Located partly on the shores and the spectacular cliffs of the Alabaster Coast, the Destination Le Tréport-Mers also features hilly countryside traversed by the rich and highly appreciated waters of the Bresle and the Yères. These two small coastal rivers form the south and north boundaries of this land with an identity all its own, where the regions of Hauts de France and Normandy meet.

The Destination Le Tréport-Mers enjoys the geographical privilege of being by the sea yet authentically rural. Which makes it perfect for keeping everyone happy, offering the joys of the seaside at the resorts of the Somme Bay and the Alabaster Coast, as well as the chance to get closer to nature in a legendary forest and along the hiking trails. Not forgetting the local seafood specialities, traditional farm produce, a wealth of architectural heritage and historical features,  and a craftsmanship that’s still very much alive.