Ault falaises vue aérienne ©Arnaud BovinAult falaises vue aérienne ©Arnaud Bovin
©Ault falaises vue aérienne ©Arnaud Bovin

Ault & Bois de Cise

Gateway to the Somme Bay, where the cliffs of the Alabaster Coast emerge


and the Bois de Cise

Dizzying heights

Lovers of the great outdoors and panoramic views that take your breath away, Ault is just the place for you! This resort owes its reputation to its very special geographical position.

Unique by its very location, this former fishing village clinging to the side of the cliffs became a spa town during the Belle Epoque and is now a fully-fledged holiday resort.

To the South, the panoramic view reveals the immensity of this enormous wall of limestone and flint. A feast for the eyes, the immaculate chalky-whiteness is what gives the sea its characteristic Opal-blue hues. Indeed, this is precisely where the Alabaster Coast begins!

The coastline can be followed on a cliffside path that offers spectacular views of the seascape. To fully appreciated the scale of this colossal decor, take the steps up to the Bel Air district. The experience is one of a kind!


The Bois de Cise, a must-see

The luxuriantly green woodland of the Bois de Cise is truly a gem that won’t fail to impress.

Because here, Humans are at the service of Mother NATURE, who reigns supreme over this site full of local species that the residents are keen to preserve.

While the hairpinned road offers an overview of the entire fifteen hectares of the Bois de Cise, you should not miss the chance to explore this site of unquestionable value on foot.

Indeed, it’s so relaxing, soothing and energising to follow the many footpaths that wind between the woodland parcels and take you close to some of the ancient trees that populate this natural site.

You’ll be in awe of the site’s beauty whatever the season, but especially in Spring when the flowering wild garlic, a medicinal plant, covers the ground in a vast headily-scented carpet. But Autumn brings its share of joys too, such as the orangey hues of the foliage and the smells of humus and dried leaves, not forgetting the hydrangeas that are characteristically blue here because of the acidity of the fertile soil.

And in the middle of the woods, you can feast your eyes on the pretty Belle Epoque villas that pop up all over the place. Often concealed by huge trees, they aren’t always easy to see through the foliage, but that’s what makes them so charmingly appealing! As it happens, you can enjoy the privilege of admiring them properly in Autumn or Winter.

But a maritime wood inevitably leads you to the sea! Perched high on the clifftop, you’ll gaze out at the infinite horizon, enjoy the revitalising smell of the sea spray, and feel shivers of pleasure down your spine…