Plats légumes et viandePlats légumes et viande
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Local flavours

Local flavours

Tantalise your tastebuds!

Looking for typical local produce? Why not make the most of your stay to discover the region’s specialities?
Each region to its own delights, and ours is lucky enough to enjoy the typical culinary pleasures of two French departments, Somme and Seine Maritime.


Produce from the land

Ficelle Picarde, a delicious starter

Ever heard of Ficelle Picarde, the delicious filled pancake that has nothing to envy of Brittany? Usually eaten as a starter, this dish comprises a rolled-up pancake with a ham, mushroom, grated gruyere cheese and double cream filling. Served straight from the oven, it satisfies even the finest of gourmets!

Cider to accompany your meal

The great thing about straddling two departments is that our region can enjoy the specialities of both! There’s no two ways about it, to drink with your pancake, it has to be cider*! But not just any cider! Here, we suggest you taste the beverage produced at Les Prés Park and Orchards, which is made from apples grown in their own 9-hectare orchard. Discover the domain and, more importantly, meet Suzanne Tailleux and her son, Adrien. They have a passion for their family estate and will greet you warmly, tell you the story behind the place, and show you how they turn their apples into delicious drinks.



*Warning: alcohol can damage your health. Please drink responsibly.


Dessert time! 

Dessert is often the highlight of the meal. Sometimes you just fancy something sweet to round off your meal and feel fully satisfied.

Well, we have a dessert that’s as delicious as it is rare, Fisée pear pie. That’s right, but don’t worry, it’s much lighter than it sounds. So what’s so rare about it? Quite simply, The fisée pear is a local variety that grows in the Dieppe area. It has an elongated shape and lovely flesh that turns pink on cooking. These pears are harvested between October and November and can only be eaten cooked!

And what’s for our afternoon snack? 

The Somme part of the region is the home of gâteau battu. This brioche-type cake made with eggs and butter is lighter than traditional brioche because the mixture is whisked by hand which makes it airier. It can be eaten plain or, for die-hard sweet tooths, served with Dieppe-style apple caramel.

Plant to flavour your dishes

Dill, wild garlic, thyme, herbs galore. Each one is different, and a local family business named Florixir knows just how to exploit them. Based in Gamaches, Thomas and Kinley produce a wide range of products from their own plants, including herbal teas, seasonings, plant jellies and oils. Enough to brighten up your cooking every day of the week!

Fish & seafood

Our region between surf and turf delects in its privilege of facing the sea. Le Tréport is the place where fishermen return after filling their holds with the day’s catch.

If you love fish, the fishmongers here have a huge variety to choose from. Treat yourself to a delicious salmon trout straight from the sea and cooked with almonds, or the white flesh of a fillet of sole (cooked in butter of course), unless you prefer the stronger flavour of red mullet or smoked haddock! You’ll also find items such as fish rillettes or paupiettes, generally made with salmon or trout.



Where’s the best place to buy fish?


Enjoy a delicious mussels and chips

When it comes to seafood, what would a day at the coast be without those good old mussels and chips? Like any other fish, you can buy and prepare them youself, for a family meal for instance, or go to a restaurant where there’s a version to suit every taste: moules marinières, mussels in cream… the choice is yours!


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