Glassmaking craftsmanship

Glassmaking craftsmanship

Discover the fascinating world of molten matter…

There’s no excuse for not visiting the Musée du Verre et des Traditions Verrières (Museum of Glass & Glassmaking Traditions) in Eu. From the discovery of glass in Egypt more than 6,000 years ago to the development of machines that manufacture it, this trip through time features a sublime collection of famous glass bottles.

You can observe traditional glassmaking techniques at the Atelier du Verrier (glassmaking workshop) near the top station of Le Tréport’s funicular railway. The view over the horizon will take your breath away, while Vincent uses his to blow through a cane and produce some unique glass objects before your very eyes. Then you’ll take the funicular down to meet Frédéric who, in his pearly world, uses a blowtorch and rods of coloured glass to make beautiful items of jewellery from glass beads.