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Top 5 hiking trails

As good as hiking gets

The GR21 hiking trail, weathering the forces of nature.

From Le Tréport to Criel-sur-Mer, the GR21 hiking trail offers a whole array of landscapes and varied scenery. From the busy ports of Le Tréport, climb the 365 steps up to the clifftop to enjoy a magnficent panoramic view. After following the cliffs for a short distance, you’ll turn inland towards Mesnil-Val, where you’ll also discover superb views over the port area. The cliffs of Criel-sur-Mer dominate the sea and the valley from a height of 106 metres. Erosion of the cliffs means the GR21 route sometimes has to be modified, so be sure to follow the waymarkers (white-on-red horizontal stripes).


The coastal path, well worth the effort!

From the esplanade at Mers-les-Bains to Ault, on 7km of waymarked paths, prepare for a fabulous clifftop experience! The breathtaking seascape and the horizon stretching to infinity are a just reward for your efforts. The succession of clifftops, hanging valleys and styles over fences requires a certain degree of physical fitness. You’ll cross the Bois de Cise, a natural maritime wood nestlling at the bottom of a hanging valley, to reach Ault, where the cliffs originate.

The Chemin Vert du Petit Caux

From the town of Eu, the Petit Caux is a 17km trail that follows a greenway along the old railway line which ran from Eu to Dieppe until 1972. Converted to a hiking trail, it offers a whole wealth of plant and animal life. This itinerary crosses a number of viaducts with exceptional panoramic views. Traces of the railway can still be seen. Sheltered by the foliage, the route can be taken by walkers, horse-riders and mountain-bikers eager to discover nature and history.


Good to know: the entire 17km walk takes nearly 5 hours, but the Chemin Vert du Petit Caux can be discovered in shorter sections by starting/finishing at different points along the route which can be reached via Etalondes, Saint-Rémy-Boscrocourt and Touffreville-sur-Eu.

Beaumont loop trail

This 13.5km loop starts at Saint-Pierre-en-Val, crosses the forest and valley, and offers picturesque scenery to be admired from the hilltops. In the forest, you’ll be amazed by the scale of the unique archaeological site of Le Bois l’Abbé, which features the remains of a Gallo-Roman villa.


Isle loop trail

From Dargnies, a country village in the Vimeu region, this 11.5km loop descends into the Bresle Valley for a peaceful walk around the lakes in the company of swans, moorhens and ducks.


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