Bresle Valley

Bresle Valley

A green and lively valley

The Bresle Valley is home to multiple lakes reserved for watersports and fishing, as well as a coastal river that attracts migratory fish… and anglers! The lush green vegetation of the riverbanks, lakesides and forest are perfect for an energising getaway and a breath of fresh air. Life is good in the villages of this valley which, here and there, unveil a rich heritage from the past and the unrivalled craftsmanship of the local people; the world’s most beautiful perfume bottles are made here! On the banks of the estuary, you’ll never get tired of discovering or rediscovering the triplet towns of Eu, Mers-les-Bains and Le Tréport.

River or stream?

The Bresle is a coastal river that takes its source 72km away from the English Channel. It has everything a stream needs to invite nature lovers and sports enthusiasts to unwind and enjoy the good things in life.

For fly fishing or spinner fishing, in the river or a lake, the Bresle offers Category 1 fishing grounds where migratory fish like salmon and sea trout travel upstream to spawn, much like their eel cousins, to the delight of anglers aiming for that prize catch.