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Parks & Gardens

A land of cultivation, where nature is harnassed

The Château d’Eu grounds and gardens

Scents, discoveries and wonderment as you explore Eu

Fancy a fragrant walk through history? Come stroll along the pathways of the Château d’Eu rose garden, a French-style garden designed by the Grande Mademoiselle, cousin of Louis XIV. You’ll admire the roses, rhododendrons and azaleas planted by the king, Louis-Philippe. Arranged in terraces, this ornamental garden overlooks the old canal and leads into beautiful leafy grounds where you’ll find beech trees (which used to include the “Guisard” beech) and conifers, as well as some more exotic varieties. Along the paths, you’ll come across Apollo, Diane or the Duke of Orleans and his valiant warhorse, 4 tonnes of bronze resting only on 2 hooves and overhanging the support!

Jardin des Fontaines 

From this balcony in bloom you can admire the delightful Garden of Fountains. This small ornamental square is a green oasis in the heart of the town. It takes its name not only from the turbulent waters of the River Bresle flowing below, but also from the gentle clearwater spring that you’ll find beneath the old warden’s lodge.

Jardin Karlostachys 

A little further on, the luxuriant vegetation of the Kalostachys Jungle Garden will delight any adventurer or budding Indiana Jones, as well as botanists and explorers of all ages! This garden invites you on a journey, a whole adventure amid a huge diversity of exotic plants, creepers, trees, ferns, passion vines and bamboos. Plenty for curious visitors to quench their thirst for knowledge.

Les Prés Park and Orchard 

Exploring, gardening and tasting in Criel

This is for foodies, nature lovers and fans of produce as fresh as it gets!

The 9-hectare Parc des 3 Clos beckons you to discover its hundreds of plants. It is split into 4 sections, each as diverse and rich as the next, where you can let your 5 senses guide you! The tour begins with your sense of touch, in a garden of nuances that you’ll appreciate one by one, relating substances to the different species, from the wild garden to the more arranged, formal garden.

The kitchen garden is a delight to the nose with the aromas and fragrances of fruit trees, various herbs – thyme, chives and the slightly lemony tarragon – and even annual and biennial flowers planted in the vegetable plots.

You’ll continue to the orchard of the original temptation where twenty or so varieties of cider apples grow…

But can you hear that soft murmur? Bend an ear and let it guide you along the stream that irrigates the different areas of the garden. Listen to the hushed, soothing trickle as you follow its twists and turns into the woods.

Here you’ll see shade-loving plants, and brighter areas dotted with Rhododendron, Ilex, Magnolia, Hydrangea, Viburnum, Azalea, etc., like splashes of colour in a master painting. The vegetal and mineral association is a feast for the eyes that will fully satisfy your 5th sense, the sense of sight.

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